Solo vs WISPR 2 Vaporizer, Vape SHOWDOWN


Connoisseurs always want to know that they are making the right decision when it comes to choosing a vaporizer. In our showdown, we have two different but high quality portable vaporizers.  In one corner, we have Canadian superstar Solo by Arizer. In another corner, we have the European sensation, the WISPR2 by Iolite.  Let’s see how these portables stack up against each other in today's showdown!

Arizer Solo vs WISPR 2

Solo vs WISPR 2 Vaporizer Showdown


Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Vapor Quality

There is a reason that the vaporizing community refers to the Solo as the “Volcano of portable vapes.” This unit gives you outstanding vapor quality.  This is due to high quality components in both the unit itself and the glass drawing tube. Your vapor is thick, pure and plentiful.

The WISPR is no slouch when it comes to vapor quality. This unit uses purified butane to heat itself and does a nice job of giving you good vapor. Since the butane is purified, you won’t taste or be exposed to any of it when taking your draws. You can improve your vapor with the optimizer accessory.

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality

The Solo is built to an outstanding level of quality.  The case is made of a high quality stainless steel that doesn’t heat up when the unit is in use. Heating your botanical is accomplished with the hybrid style heating chamber. It combines convection and conduction style heating to produce outstanding vapor. Add in the glass drawing tube and your vapor is pure and free of any added flavors. Battery life lasts quite a while and seven temperature settings give you total control. All in all, the manufacturing quality is outstanding.

The WISPR is a really interesting unit.  As a second generation vaporizer from Iolite, this vaporizer has a catalytic converter that helps extract the energy from the purified butane. The design is very square looking and is available in a variety of colors. You can grab the optimizer accessory and install it to improve your vapor quality.  While the unit is simple to use, you sacrifice temperature flexibility.

WISPR 2 Vaporizer


The Solo is quite portable. Since this unit is battery powered, the Solo will give you 90 minutes of straight vaporizing so you can vaporize with confidence on the go. It will make your life easier to prepack your botanical for your Solo ahead of time as it might be difficult to do that in public.

The WISPR is very easy to take with you on the go.  It is very light, as it doesn’t have any batteries to weigh it down. Instead of using batteries to heat your botanical, the WISPR uses purified butane. This makes the unit very easy to carry around and to refill. You can even tuck away the mouthpiece when not in use. This unit is great to take with you camping or to the cottage if there is no electrical power source available. 

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Solo is quite easy to use.  It is very easy to fill and heat, with 7 different temperature settings available through a simple button based interface. You may have to prepack your botanical ahead of time but it is worth it to get the outstanding vapor that the Solo produces.

The WISPR is very simple to use. You only have to use one button and your vaporizer will start to heat.  You don’t need to charge any batteries and only have to worry about occasionally filling up your butane. You do sacrifice control and temperature flexibility but it is very easy to use. It takes about 35 seconds to heat up.



While the Solo does have a smaller size than some vaporizers, it is very unique and distinct in terms of looks. What hurts its discreetness is the glass drawing tube. While it is the best material to use in that it makes sure your vapor is pure tasting, it does increase the profile of the unit and do have the potential to shatter if dropped or damaged in public. These tubes also take some getting used to when loading your botanical, so you may not want to fill them in public.  It also has incredibly low odor leakage.

The WISPR2 is very discreet. It uses purified butane so it is quick and quiet.  Let it heat for 35 seconds and you are good to go. The drawing stem can fold into the unit, making the WISPR look like a fancy carrying case. Odor leakage is also quite low.

Temperature Flexibility

Temperature Flexibility

The Solo gives you 7 different temperature settings to heat your botanical while the WISPR only gives you one temperature to heat your botanical.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer


We have had quite the battle here today between the Solo and the WISPR! But now we must choose our winner and it is the Solo. The WISPR put up a valiant effort but just can’t beat the Solo. Our winner today has better vapor quality, manufacturing quality and temperature flexibility, giving connoisseurs more control over their vaporizing experience. The WISPR is still a good unit as it is very portable and very discreet. Still, the Solo is our champion today! If you want to learn more about these two units, check out the Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review and WISPR 2 Vaporizer Review.

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April Vaporizer of the Month


Finally, it’s officially spring! April is the month when everyone bursts out of their winter shell and re-discovers the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking part in an Easter egg hunt or just enjoying a walk outside, we’ve selected just the perfect vaporizer for April. The DaVinci Ascent is a sleek, well designed vaporizer that goes everywhere you do.

Vape of the Month: Ascent

April Vaporizer of the Month

April Aromatherapy Blend

Ascent Vaporizer Carbon Fiber
The Ascent is the perfect tool for all of your aromatherapy needs; you can use either dry botanical in it or essential oils in the unit’s special oil tanks - not many vaporizers can boast this option! The tanks drop right in to the heating chamber and are removed using the Ascent’s can handling tool.

Around this time of year, we suggest a fresh spring aromatherapy blend of seasonally available botanicals like fennel and sage. Fennell will inspire an uplifting courageous feeling that will find you bursting you into the month with lots of energy.

Sage has an array of different uses, but is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a stimulant, and will act like fennel in giving you an energetic sensation. Because of this, if you have a history of epilepsy or if you’re pregnant you should avoid direct inhalation of sage oil.

Easter Vaporizing

April is the perfect time to go on a hike or bicycle ride. As the snow melts away, we get excited to see more of the outdoors. Of course, we’ve been vaporizing inside for months and we don’t want to switch up to a unit that gives us less vapor than we’re used to with our powerful at-home units.

The Ascent has no problems with pumping out tons of vapor, and you will definitely be satisfied with it even if you’re a stationary lover. The Ascent heats up to up to 221 degrees Celsius, a higher temperature than any other portable vaporizer. This means using the Ascent at its higher temperatures will give you a super thick and satisfying vapour.

If you’re going on an Easter egg hunt you might be outside for a while, depending on how big your yard is! Unless you’re a millionaire with a sprawling estate, the Ascent will probably outlast your search. Its powerful batteries last for two hours of continuous vaporizing, the longest battery life of any portable vaporizer on the market!

Ascent Vaporizer

Spring back into Action

You’re probably not the only one with the idea that taking a walk would be fun and reinvigorating! It seems like the first week things get warm everyone crawls out of the woodwork. That’s why it’s important to have a vaporizer that gets the job done for you in a discreet fashion.

The Ascent is one of the stealthier portable vaporizers around, looking like an old cell phone. You power it up with the press of a button and within minutes your Ascent will be ready to vaporize. There is a retractable glass stem in the Ascent that you can pull out for easy access, or leave in for added discreetness. This is a really brilliant design, giving you the purity of a glass pathway with the convenience of a retractable stem.

The glass pathway is responsible for the excellent vapor quality of the Ascent. Vapor travels through the pathway from the glass-coated ceramic chamber at the bottom, and when it hits your mouth it is relatively cool and very flavourful.

Beyond the great battery life and vapor quality, the Ascent is one of the most customizable vaporizers we’ve seen before. You can program it like a cell phone – from how many minutes of inactivity it takes to automatically shut off to which temperatures you want the unit to cycle through. It’s a very powerful and customizable little device that will carry you through many warm Aprils. Want to know more about this vaporizer? Check out the Ascent Vaporizer Review!

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Rules for Cleaning Vaporizers


Cleaning your vaporizer is as important as brushing your teeth! You wouldn’t go to the dentist without getting a new toothbrush, but many people make the mistake of picking up a new vaporizer without a cleaning kit. You can enjoy the brand-new quality of your vaporizer for a few weeks, but after a while your vapor quality will decline. To keep the performance of your unit in tip-top condition it’s important to clean it frequently. Here are a few general rules in maintaining your vaporizer!

Vaporizer Cleaning Tips

Rules for Cleaning Vaporizers

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is an excellent cleaning agent for any metal or glass parts of a vaporizer. It’s important to remember that you should NOT use isopropyl alcohol to clean any plastic parts, as it will dissolve them. 

You can pick up a bottle of it for a few dollars at your local pharmacy – we recommend using the higher percentages (99% if you can find it) and diluting it slightly with water. It’s a very powerful solution and will blast off any residue that your metal screens or glass parts have collected. Unfortunately it’s so powerful that it’s also a skin irritant, leading to minor burns if it comes in contact with skin for a prolonged period of time. Isopropyl alcohol will also dry out your skin quickly. The fumes can be overwhelming and uncomfortable too!

ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution

Earth Safe Cleaning Solution

Our ZEUS Purify multipurpose earth-safe cleaning solution touts all of the cleaning power that isopropyl alcohol does without the harshness. After a quick soak your vaporizer screens and other parts will be like new. A great thing about the ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution is that it contains no alcohol, poison or fumes, so you can use it with your plastic parts too. It’s strong enough to blast away any dirt, but it doesn’t degrade plastic. The perfect solution!

Time Heals All

When you’re soaking your screens, tubes, or other vaporizer components in cleaning solution patience is important. A good portion of residue will become dislodged immediately, but even more dissolves over time. It’s suggested to put the parts you want to clean in a glass jar with your solution and leave them overnight. Your solution works around the clock at a microscopic level, removing the dirt and grime from your components. If you’re very impatient you can always rinse your parts off and put them in a fresh jar of cleaning solution, speeding up the process (but wasting some of the solution’s cleaning power).

ZEUS Purify Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners, Q-Tips or cotton swabs are great little tools to have on hand when cleaning your vaporizer. Cleaning solution will loosen up any residue, and you can quickly wipe it away. Pipe cleaners are ideal because they do such a good job of fitting into the nooks and crannies of some parts (such as the Bent Aroma Tube for the Arizer Solo, or the Water Chamber for the Aromed).

Wood surfaces

Wood and Other Fine Surfaces

Some vaporizers with wood components like the MFLB or Vapman may collect a little dirt or grime over time. You definitely wouldn’t want to soak any wood parts in cleaning solution or water as it would damage the wood which has been dried and treated! To clean these surfaces, use a damp cloth or old toothbrush. Simply wipe away what residue you can and thoroughly dry the unit after. Be careful not to apply too much moisture to these components! 

Rinse it off

After you’ve cleaned your components in alcohol or cleaning solution it’s important to rinse them off with water. This ensures that your parts won’t have any lingering cleaning solution that you may accidentally ingest. 

Cleaning Saves you Money

If cleaning still doesn’t seem important to you, consider how much money you’ll save. If you could double the life of your screens by cleaning them once before you throw them away, you will spend 50% less on screens! Over the course of a year, this really adds up. Saved money means you can put some aside for that exciting new vaporizer!

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One Draw Vaporizers


It’s always nice and relaxing to be able to spend time with your vaporizer, enjoying a long session with it. But some of us prefer a quick in-and-out session, getting the benefits of their botanicals while not spending a lot of time vaporizing! These are the types of people who usually prefer old “One Draw” type units. A quick draw or two, and you’re ready to enjoy the rest of your evening! You may think of a vaporizer as something that sits on the coffee table and requires you to dedicate an hour to, but did you know that there are many vaporizers that fall into this “One Draw” category? We put together a short list of the best vaporizers that would do this job for you.

Single Draw Vaporizer

one draw vaporizer

3. Vapman

vapman vaporizer
The Vapman tis a great quick use vaporizer! It’s a fan favourite here at TorontoV because it’s so well manufactured and easy to use. It arrived to us from Switzerland and the care that the manufacturer puts into each unit is really outstanding. It’s made of heat resistant pear tree wood, and is operated with a blue flame torch lighter. The torch is applied to the bottom of the gold-plated copper heating chamber, where your botanical is vaporized. The great thing about the unit being torch operated is you never have to worry about having charged batteries on hand!

Beyond the great manufacturing quality, it is one of the most efficient vaporizers on the market, which makes it a great One Draw vaporizer. You can use a tiny amount of botanical in it and still get amazing results. Simply fill up the chamber with your grind and close up the unit. Apply the torch for a few seconds and you’re ready to draw!

You can fill the Vapman with enough botanical for a few draws or just a small amount for one good draw. It’s definitely a vaporizer that everyone should have as a part of their collection. We like to say it's the perfect side-kick vape because it's always ready to go and will never let you down. This, plus the fact that one quick draw will suffice to keep you happy, makes this a great, quick on-the-go unit!

2. Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box (or MFLB for short) is a great little portable vaporizer about the size of a match box. It’s powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which can easily fit in your pocket along with the MFLB. The trench in your Launch Box that holds your botanical is large enough to accommodate enough of your ground aromatherapy blend for a few good draws, but if you take a nice long draw, one will be sufficient. 

magic flight launch boxIt’s suggested to grind your botanical very finely when using the MFLB, the finer the better. You can pack up your trench before you head out and not worry about loading the unit when you want to take a draw. When you are ready to use the unit, simply insert the battery and engage it for a few seconds. After about 3 seconds of heating, you can draw from the unit and enjoy the delicious vapor that the MFLB produces for you quickly and discreetly. You can take one draw, remove the battery, and put the unit back in your pocket. This method, without using the glass draw stem, is known as "native style" and the effectiveness along with the stealthiness of this design make is a perfect, discreet “One Draw” vaporizer!

1. ZEUS Thunder

zeus thunder vaporizer

The ZEUS Thunder vaporizer is ZEUS Arsenal's latest masterpiece. Set to be released in just a few short months, the Thunder is a premium dedicated oil, wax and dust vaporizer that offers phenomenal, thick vapour quality and an impressively sleek and robust build. With a heating chamber that reaches temperatures 20% higher than other leading vaporizers in this category and a great line of uniquely designed tanks that offer loading convenience and efficiency, the vapour quality the ZEUS Thunder produces is second to none. But vapour quality is not the only thing the Thunder excels at. The manufacturing quality of this unit is unlike anything we've seen, at least in the oil/wax vaporizer category. The unit boasts a PVD surface coating - one of the toughest, most expensive surface finishes available on the market to date. The quality of the tanks and battery are also of equal caliber, offering connoisseurs a truly supreme unit and vaporizing experience at a very affordable price.

zeus-thunder-vaporizerThe ZEUS Thunder is very easy to use and, once charged and loaded, makes for a fantastic vaporizer on the go. Turning the ZEUS Thunder on requires 5 quick clicks and then pressing and holding that same button will engage the heating element for use. After only a few seconds a thick, tasty draw will be quickly produced, and from this vaporizer, one big draw is really all you need. Though small in size, the Thunder produces mighty vapour - powerful enough to place it first, in this one-draw vaporizer ranking. And once you're done with your mighty draw, simply give the button another 5 quick clicks and the unit will auto-lock and shut off. This is a great feature to ensure that the unit will not accidentally activate while in your pocket for example.

The ZEUS Thunder has impressed the Review Team here at TorontoVaporizer and is a great addition to any vaporizing connoisseur's Arsenal. ZEUS Arsenal, the company behind the ZEUS line, boldly states that a vaporizer for oil/wax is a staple item, as vital as a grinder. We couldn't agree more. Vaporizing the dust collected in the bottom of your grinder alone makes this a very useful item to have on hand. After all, the dust is the best part, and it is such as shame if it is not used efficiently (often the case, as most portables do not reach the temperatures necessary to effectively vaporize this precious part of your botanical). The ZEUS Thunder is available for pre-orders on a limited basis. For more pictures and details visit and to place a pre-order, click here.

ZEUS thunder

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Top 3 Stationary Vaporizers for Oils


Oils and concentrates are invading the vaporizer industry quickly! Connoisseurs love them because vapor draws from oils are thicker than those from regular botanical - not to mention that the flavour of a nice concentrate draw is unmatched!

Stationary Vaporizers for Oils

Stationary Vaporizers for Oils

There are a few stationary vaporizers that can vaporize your oils and concentrates, but not all of them can. The vaporizing temperature of these botanical extracts is higher than the vaporizing temperature of regular dry botanical, so you need a unit that can achieve higher temperatures (220°C+). Beyond temperature flexibility, we rated our Top 3 Stationaries for Oils based on efficiency, and overall experience. 
Let’s begin!

Volcano Vaporizer3. Volcano

Coming in at number three is the legendary Volcano. It certainly does a great job of vaporizing oils and concentrates, even coming with a Liquid Pad dedicated to these extracts. The Volcano can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius, in the perfect range to vaporize concentrates. Unfortunately for the Volcano, a bag-style system is not optimal for the consumption of oils and concentrates. 
 You can certainly fill up a balloon with concentrate vapor just as you would botanical vapor; however concentrate vapor typically has more residues. This residue sticks to the sides of the balloon, resulting in a loss of essential oils that won’t be delivered to you. This happens with botanical too; however since you usually use a small amount of concentrate in comparison to botanical, the loss of efficiency is more exaggerated.  

The overall experience for the Volcano is great however, even with the loss of some efficiency. There’s nothing nicer than filling up a balloon with delicious vapor, reclining, and enjoying it at your leisure.

Extreme Q Vaporizer2.  Extreme Q

The Extreme Q takes the number two spot on our list. It’s a vaporizer that actually doesn’t come with a liquid pad like the Volcano, however you can still vaporize your oils and concentrates with it. You can either create a makeshift bed of botanical for your oil to sit on, or you can fit a liquid pad from the Volcano into the heating chamber.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use very viscous oils with the Extreme Q, just waxes and solid concentrates. The reason for this is that your oils may leak through your liquid pad and onto the EQ’s heating element, damaging it. It still earns the #2 spot because of what a great job it does with waxes and solids. 

 (Note: the Solid Valve’s liquid pad would be the easiest to fit into the ExtremeQ’s chamber. You can squeeze it in or trim down the edges with a sharp pair of scissors to allow for an easier fit). 

 Once you’ve prepared a surface for your concentrates to sit, the ExtremeQ does a great job of vaporizing them. It can reach temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius, even higher than the Volcano. Although you only really need a temperature of around 220 degrees Celsius to vaporize concentrates, it’s nice to have the extra flexibility. The extra range allows for more optimal vaporization of your hard concentrates, which tend to vaporize at a slightly higher temperature than oils and waxes. 

The ExtremeQ gives you the option of using a bag or whip system, but as we explained with the Volcano, the bag system is not optimal for the consumption of extracts. 

The overall experience with the ExtremeQ is great. With the whip system you have a few feet of movement around your vaporizer – not as free as the balloon system, but definitely recommended to maximize efficiency. You will get great vapor draws and your ExtremeQ will earn a special concentrated spot in your heart!

AroMed Vaporizer

1. AroMed

The best stationary vaporizer that you can buy to vaporize your oils and concentrates is Research and Experience’s AroMed. Designed with both botanicals and concentrates in mind, this vaporizer is one of our personal favourites here. The manufacturer developed a unique liquid pad that’s made of glass. It’s not included with the AroMed, but if you plan on vaporizing oils and concentrates it’s definitely worth picking up. Glass is the most pure material to work with in a vaporizer, and these pads don’t impart any flavor to your extracts. They are easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or Cleaning Solution. 

The AroMed can reach temperatures up to 235 degrees Celsius, the perfect range to vaporize all of your oils, waxes and concentrates. A great feature of the AroMed is its unique halogen bulb. Typically with vaporizers, the temperature of the heating chamber drops when you take a hard draw on it. The AroMed’s bulb actually intensifies with each draw that you take, counteracting this drop in temperature. This allows you to maintain the perfect temperature to vaporize your extracts.  

As far as efficiency goes, the AroMed takes the cake for a few reasons. With its short whip, there is not much essential oil loss during your vapor’s travel through the unit. The biggest loss of efficiency results from the water filtration – some essential oils will be captured by the water. Not to worry though, water filtration actually increases efficiency when you weigh its benefits against the minimal efficiency loss. 

The increase in efficiency is twofold: One, you can hold your vapor draws in your lungs for longer when they’ve been water filtered. They’re smoother, meaning less irritation. This results in greater absorption, leading to more efficiency. Holding in a vapor draw for an extra few seconds can have a dramatic effect on efficiency! 

Secondly, the essential oils lost in water can be recovered. You can actually drink the water from your chamber at the end of your session, imbibing your essential oils. Beyond drinking the water, you can swish some vodka around your water chamber, stripping the essential oils from the glass walls of the chamber. This is a move best left for the hard core connoisseurs, and you experiment with this at your own risk. However, in theory the alcohol should absorb your oils, leaving you with a delicious and effective “Vapor Shot”!

Overall experience with the AroMed is a real treat too. The bulb’s glow that intensifies with each draw provides an entertaining lightshow when vaporizing at night. You have the option of filling your water chamber with fruit juice, infusing your vapor with flavours. And we find it’s a unit that always impresses friends and visitors. It looks neat and using one is a true vaporizing experience. You’ll love it if you need a stationary unit to vaporize your oils, waxes and concentrates. 

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ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Launch


We are stoked to announce that TorontoVaporizer will soon be the exclusive online retailer for one of the most exciting new product releases this June 2014: the ZEUS Thunder vaporizer! This unit made our list of the Most Anticipated Portable Vaporizer Releases as the "mystery" Canadian company unit and we are quite convinced it will be a game changer in the category of oil/wax vapes.  

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Launch

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Launch


The ZEUS Thunder comes to you from ZEUSArsenal, the same company that offers the ZEUS premium vaporizer accessory line, including items like the ZEUS Bolt Grinder, ZEUS Armor Hard Case and ZEUS Temple De-Humidor. This company is based out of Toronto, Canada and strives to provide connoisseurs with key items that will enhance and complete their vaporizing experience, hence their slogan: “Complete Your Arsenal.” Though ZEUS has until now, focused only on accessories, the company firmly believes that an oil/wax vape is much like a grinder: an essential item for every connoisseur’s Arsenal. In this regard, ZEUS highlights an interesting point: vape pens for oil/wax, unlike other portable vaporizers, are complimentary rather than supplementary items to any vape collection.


The market is seeing more dedicated oil/wax vaporizers emerge as their discreetness and portability features become more recognized. What makes the ZEUS Thunder stand out from the rest of the oil/wax vape crowd is its unmatchable vapor quality, uber chic design and fantastic ZEUS warranty. The Thunder has already been tested by our Review Team and of course, it passed with flying colours; the vapour quality will just blow you away. With regards to the design, the ZEUS Thunder is the only vape of its kind to boast a PVD surface coating finish. This is one of the most expensive surface finishings around. You can only find it on luxury items like Rolex and Porsche watches. Competing units like the GPen and other oil/wax vaporizers offer no where near the same quality. They use rubberized paint as their exterior finish. And what about the ZEUS Thunder warranty? Let's just say every vaporizer in this category provides a standard 1-year warranty. The ZEUS Thunder comes with a 2-year warranty. It typically holds true that great quality products offer longer warranties. To see how the GPen and units like the Omicron stack up agains the ZEUS Thunder, stay tuned for our Vape SHOWDOWNs!

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer


Be sure to stay posted on our website and social media pages for more details on the release of the ZEUS Thunder! This unit will be ready for pre-orders in merely a few short months and the anticipated release is set for this June 2014! And for all of you connoisseurs wondering if there will be any giveaways, definitely follow us on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win one! In doing so you will also be among the first to get wind of discounts and news!

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March Vaporizer of the Month


It’s March! It’s still chilly outside but it’s slowly warming up (we hope). In just a few months we’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors again without a parka. Saint Patrick’s Day will soon roll around and everyone will be partying off the winter slump!

Vape of the Month: PUFFiT

March Vaporizer of the Month

A portable vaporizer is great to have on hand when you’re going out on the town, for Saint Patrick’s Day or any other holiday. There will be plenty of others around, so a very stealthy vaporizer would be the best. With that in mind, our vaporizer of the month for March is the super-discreet Puffit.

March Aromatherapy Blend

The Puffit is perfect for your aromatherapy needs, and we’ve selected just the perfect botanical for March. Keeping in theme with Saint Patrick’s Day, grab some dried Dandelion. Dandelion has been used in Irish medicine for years. It was often made into a tea and given for a wide variety of ailments. Recent research has proven that dandelion has detoxifying properties, and even Dr. Oz has jumped on board with the benefits of this natural botanical.

Saint Patrick's Vaporizer
Saint Patrick’s Vape

The Puffit is the most discreet vaporizer we’ve seen and would perfectly suit you for a night on the town. It’s designed to look and operate just like an asthma inhaler. To activate the Puffit, you push the top canister like you would to release the medicine from your puffer. The unit will start heating up and the red LED will blink to indicate it is warming. After about 30 seconds, the LED will turn green to indicate you’re ready to draw on the unit. If you want to reheat the chamber after your first session, just push the top canister again. When you’re all finished with your Puffit, just attach the mouthpiece cover to the Puffit and it will shut down until you’re ready for it again.

Puffit Vaporizer
March Thaw

We’re all excited that the weather is going to get warmer, and it’s relieving to spend more time outside. When you’re vaporizing on the go you don’t always want to attract a lot of attention to yourself, and the Puffit is the perfect vaporizer to prevent this. It looks just like an asthma inhaler, especially the blue model which looks very medical.

Beyond its sleek appearance, the Puffit is stealthy to the nose too. Vaporizers always smell less than smoking, and the Puffit definitely pumps out vapor without producing too much smell. Vapor odor only hangs around for 10-15 minutes or so, and smells like burned popcorn rather than anything else.

If you’re looking for a super-stealthy session, use the Puffit on the lower temperature settings. These lower temperatures will be warm enough to release the essential oils from your botanicals without creating too much extra odor or visible vapor. Even if you can’t see vapor when you exhale, you can still get the benefit of your essential oils. As long as you can taste something, that’s a good indication that there is vapor passing through.

It’s getting a bit nicer out so stretch your legs and hit the pub for Saint Patrick’s Day with the Puffit. It’s a great vaporizer that gives you enough vapor to get the job done in the stealthiest way possible. People won’t know whether you’re vaporizing or using an asthma inhaler.

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Long-Draw Vaporizers


Many of us love vaporizers because they’re the healthy choice. You can enjoy your botanicals without worrying about inhaling any carbon or carcinogens. It’s the cleaner way, and your lungs and throat will thank you! Your body interacts with vapor differently than smoke, and it’s an important thing to understand!

The Long Draw

long draw vaporizers

When combusting, people often inhale and exhale right away, as holding the draw will irritate your lungs and coughing will ensue. Your essential oils are absorbed by your lungs, but not in the most efficient way. 

 When vaporizing, people coming from a combusting background often make the rookie mistake of following the same practice: inhaling, then exhaling the draw right away. This is fine if you have irritable lungs and have switched to vaporizing to combat this problem. But if you’re a connoisseur who wants to maximize the efficiency of their botanical, it’s recommended to hold in your draws for longer. 

There’s no exact time that works the best, every connoisseur seems to have their own inhale timing, but overall the trend is clear. You should hold in your vapor draws longer than smoke draws to maximise absorption. Keep in mind it’s not advised to hold in a draw for more than 12 seconds. You wouldn’t want to deprive yourself of oxygen, and you shouldn’t hold in a draw if it is irritating your lungs. Hitting a benchmark of seconds isn’t as important as just remembering that you can hold your vapor draws longer than smoke!

Since vaporizing is much easier on your lungs and throat, holding in your draws for longer shouldn’t be uncomfortable compared to combusting. However vapor isn’t totally irritation-free in any case. There are a number of vaporizers that produce very smooth and palatable vapor that should make it easy to inhale and absorb your botanicals in the most efficient way. Any vaporizer that has excellent vapor quality will work very well, as well as any vaporizer that’s water filtered. Let’s take a look at a few!

Arizer Solo Vaporizer
Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is one of our favourite units here. It’s a portable vaporizer that produces vapor that’s on par with many of our stationary devices, even the Volcano. This excellent vapor quality means a thick but smooth draw that’s easy to hold in and enjoy. 

Try experimenting with lower temperature settings to produce a low-irritation vapor that can be held easily for those of us with irritable senses. Or for you iron-lunged connoisseurs, crank the Solo up to 7 and enjoy the milky vapor that it can produce!

AroMed Vaporizer

The AroMed is an awesome vaporizer. Its unique halogen bulb intensifies with each draw you take on the unit, increasing the temperature of the botanical chamber. This is a very intelligent feature because typically the airflow generated by a strong draw will lower the temperature of the chamber, but the AroMed skillfully maintains the temperature you want!

Beyond the halogen bulb, the AroMed has a water filter. If you haven’t enjoyed water filtered vapor before you’re missing out. You will be amazed at how smooth and easy to inhale it is! If you’re really looking for a treat throw your water filter in the freezer for a few minutes, just until it starts to turn icy. Cold-filtered vapor is so smooth it’s almost not even noticeable. This makes it easy to inhale a large vapor cloud and hold it in as long as you want. Maximum absorption, maximum efficiency!

Volcano Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel’s Volcano is world famous for producing excellent vapor for the last decade. It’s been considered the best vaporizer on the market during this time for a number of reasons.

The manufacturing quality that goes into each unit is outstanding; in 2010 Storz & Bickel was the first vaporizer manufacturer to receive an ISO manufacturing certification. It’s a unit that lasts their owners for years and years, representing a true investment in health and efficiency of botanical consumption. 

 Beyond manufacturing quality, the Volcano’s vapor can’t be beat. The large surface area of the Volcano’s botanical chamber means your botanical can be spread thin, allowing for maximum extraction of essential oils. 

And once a balloon is full, the Volcano is definitely one of the easiest vaporizers to enjoy. Attach your mouthpiece to the bag, recline, and enjoy your vapor. Hold in your draws for a few seconds, and you will be vaporizing with the best of them. 

Vaporizers are great devices that sometimes have a learning curve. Once you’ve figured out which temperature you love and how long to hold your vapor draws for, half the battle is won. You’ll be a connoisseur in no time, maximizing the efficiency of your botanicals and saving yourself money! 

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Firefly Vaporizer Review (Video) - Negative


Today we will be reviewing the Firefly Vaporizer. Technically released at the end of 2013 by a new manufacturer out of Washington, you can expect to see some buzz about this unit as its design and packaging are poised to promise vapor-excellence. The unit is made in China. Unfortunately, this unit fell short in some key areas. This vape is, at the time of writing, one of the most expensive portable vaporizers in the market. In this Firefly vaporizer review we will talk about all the pros and cons and why the unit is missing some key components to make it worth the whopping $270.

Firefly Review

Firefly Vaporizer Review

A unit that is more expensive than the Ascent or the Solo would have to be comparable to other premium portables in most performance categories. Unfortunately, the unit is missing most major components that generally drive up the price of a unit (the temperature control components, digital display, large battery, etc). So let’s break it down and see why this addition to the industry, has some advantages, but just doesn’t make the cut at this price tag.

How it works

How it Works

At first glance the Firefly is very pretty and obviously made of quality external components. The small glass portal window on top allows ‘visible vaporization’ in the heating chamber. The unit has a removable, magnetically attached lid, running the length of the unit and a small silver fixed mouthpiece on the opposite end from the chamber. 

Once removed, this lid exposes the round glass heating chamber. With a full charge, you load your botanicals in the chamber and slap the lid back on, ensuring the magnet clicks into place. Slide the toggle to ‘on’ and a green light will indicate the unit is ready. A similar heating system to the Magic Flight or FlashVape, just press and hold the button, to engage the heating element. VOILA! The heating chamber will glow a brilliant orange (the inspiration for the name we assume) and the vapor building can be seen through the window after about 5-8 seconds of holding the button. From there, draw through the mouthpiece and repeat! Simple, instant vapor as the slogan says.

Ease of Use

The Firefly is fairly easy to use and maintain. Charge, load, turn on and vape. As the manual says “it’s that easy” and it really is instant vapor. To clean, a cotton swab with alcohol in the empty heating chamber and upper lid is sufficient, although the screen at the bottom of the chamber is finicky to remove. The unit is newbie friendly for use and cleaning. In fact once you consider all the factors, it seems that the unit has been designed for newbies.

Temperature Settings

The simple mechanism means the temperature just goes from room temperature to the maximum (only god knows how much since there is no real component in the unit measuring the temp in the chamber), and there is little to no room to control the temperature. For a premium portable, this just isn’t acceptable considering other units in the market, such as the Ascent offer precise temperature control and a digital display. Even the Vapir NO2 which costs half as much as the Firefly Vaporizer has accurate temp control and was designed almost a decade ago. Holding the button for the full length of a long slow draw will maintain the maximum temperature, but we caution you, combustion IS possible with overheating, so you will need to experiment to avoid combusting. We all know that batteries and magnets loose charge through time and heat. That is one major reason why the best portable vaporizers have the vaporization chamber well separated from the battery, but the Firefly Vaporizer falls short as the stainless steel plate inside the unit transfers heat from the chamber to the battery.

Vapor Quality

Vapor Quality

Firefly’s claim is simple: ‘Instant vapor and pure flavour’ and they fulfill both beautifully. The Firefly does have better than average vapor quality and aside from its looks; it is the key selling factor. The vapor is pure and dense, due to the unique heating chamber which divides the vapor along 2 ridges on the inside of the lid as it travels from chamber to mouth. This cools down the vapor with a unique design and what you get is pure and flavourful vapour. 

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing indicates quality materials were used in the making of this unit. From the FDA-food safe glass heating chamber to the stainless steel interior vapor pathway this unit is built well. The exterior is a powder coated aluminum with 3 color options; red, dark grey and light grey. Aside from screens, the unit only has one removable part, the lid, so there is really not much to break or loose. The manufacturer offers a 5 year limited warranty, instilling confidence the unit will last with normal use. Due to the simplicity of the functioning of the unit, this quality claim is definitely feasible. The Magic Flight, for example that utilizes a very similar vaporization system has a lifetime warranty, so on this front everything makes sense!

Portability & Battery LifePortability & Battery Life

Now, here’s where things take a turn for the worst. The Firefly is heavy and big. 5’5 inches long, an inch thick and 2 inches wide and weighing in at 278 grams ( that’s TWICE the weight of an iphone 4S ) this bad boy is not pocket-friendly. One would assume with such a heavy unit the weight can be blamed on a battery that packs a punch and sustains the user for many sessions on one charge. We took out the battery and were shocked at its small size, light weight and general capacity. The battery of the Firefly is 35 grams and has a capacity of 750mAh. To give you a comparison, a pair of Magic Flight batteries weigh 54 grams and have a combined capacity of 2600 mAh. 

So the worst thing about the firefly is that the battery will last about 2-3 sessions, max. Due to the lack of components to see the charge on the unit, the low battery capacity and the large and heavy unit, this unit is most suitable for home use. This downfall was very disappointing considering the price point. 



The Firefly can’t simply be classified as discreet due to its size and design. It looks bulky and out of place in pockets and is not for use in public venues. One might as well keep this unit at home for covert vaping and save yourself the trouble of lugging it around. Especially since you never know if you have enough charge for a full session, I found myself often dragging along a backup unit or just using it at home. If the unit however is best suited to be used at home, there are quite a few alternatives that are priced lower and can easily outperform the Firefly. (VapirRise, Extreme Q, Solo, etc)

Overall Experience

Overall Experience

So folks, let’s consider the facts. What we have here is essentially an overpriced Magic Flight – FlashVape, both priced at less than half the Firefly, with the price tag of a top of the line portable. That being said, it is much nicer than those two cheaper units when it comes to design and beauty!

The Positives: 

- Beautiful appearance
- Great looking heating chamber
- Innovative design with the magnetic lid
- Simple to use. 

The Negatives: 

- Overpriced
- No temperature control
- No digital display
- Tiny battery
- Magnets will wear out over time through the heat
- Very large
- Very heavy

This unit will should do well in retail stores for the consumer that does not have the internet as and immediate source of information. Overall we find that function is before form!

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