Top 5 Portable Vaporizers for 2014

2014 has been a great year for portable vaporizers. We've seen some really high quality and innovative units pop up and change the way we see or interact with our units and with summer winding down we thought it would be a good time to look back on the past year and recap some of this year’s surprises and successes!

Top Portable Vaporizers for 2014

Top Portable Vaporizers For 2014

Top Portable Vaporizers For 2014 - The Ascent 1) The Ascent

The Ascent by DaVinci was highly anticipated and released to the praise of many in the industry. It sported a high quality feel, all glass air pathway, digital display and amazing temperature range for a portable all packed in a small package. Many people, including us, are still impressed with the Ascent’s ability to provide an all glass pathway – the first of its kind – and still manage to keep the glass safe from breakage while in transit to make the unit super portable! It’s one of the few units that can provide vapor quality comparable to the Solo, and that’s saying a lot. This unit took the market by storm, and the first time you hold one in your hands, you’ll know exactly why it’s so successful.

Top Portable Vaporizers For 2014 - The Arizer Solo 2) The Solo

On many occasions we've said this and we have no problem saying it again: Arizer Solo's amazing vapor quality makes it the Volcano of portables. That’s a huge compliment for such a small machine, but it packs a huge punch when it comes to smoothness and purity of flavor. You won’t find a portable that can provide vapor to beat this unit. Beyond that, it’s also built from high quality and durable materials. This unit may not be as portable as the Ascent, but it’s a reliable companion for any connoisseur looking for a portable vapor experience that’s second to none!

At this point you might want to check out the Vape Showdown between the Solo and the Ascent!

Top Portable Vaporizers For 2014 - The Zeus Thunder 3) Zeus Thunder

This unit is a newcomer to the scene and it’s already making waves with review websites like Gizmodo and TrendHunter! Why? To start, it’s a 3-in-1 unit that can handle oils, waxes and dry botanical! It’s small and easy to carry around, has amazing battery life and has a sleek and luxurious look to it that will have all your friends’ heads turning to ask questions about what you've found. The unit comes standard with an oil, a wax and a dry botanical tank, but you can also up your Zeus Thunder’s performance by upgrading to the pro wax and oil tanks to make for an even better experience. This unit delivers on quality, performance and versatility. If you’re a fan of oils and waxes, this is a pen vaporizer you can’t afford to pass up!

Top Portable Vaporizers For 2014 - The Haze 4) Haze

The Haze is the first units to hit the market with a dual bowl system allowing you to switch between bowls on the fly with the flip of a switch! It’s an extremely innovative unit that proved there’s a world of limitless possibilities still to be explored in the vaporizer scene. This unit improves it’s portability by providing users the ability to switch a dead battery for a fresh one on the go and by being shaped like a flask so it sits better in your pocket. The Haze also lets the user choose between a glass or stainless steel mouth piece that can be easily switched out. The mouth piece also retracts into the unit to protect it from damage and make the unit easier to carry around. If you haven’t already seen and tried the Haze, make sure you do as soon as you can.

Top Portable Vaporizers For 2014 - The Pax 5) Pax

Ploom’s portable unit released two years ago, the Pax, has been a huge hit with many connoisseurs (check out the Vape Showdown on the #2 Arizer Solo vs #5 Pax vaporizer). It’s very stylish and compact with a retractable mouth piece that also acts as the unit’s main power switch. The design is so good, that die hard fans don't even care about having to clean the unit after every second use, in order for it to work properly. The shell of the unit is nice and durable without being too heavy. This unit looks like a fancy MP3 player and still sports a very discrete look and size. Best of all, they have a screen developed just for the Pax that’s so fine you can’t even see through the holes! This means every draw delivers nothing but pure vapor and nothing else.

2014 has been very kind to our industry and we look forward to what the rest of this year has to offer, not to mention 2015. Stay tuned, connoisseurs, we expect many more great things are waiting just around the corner!

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Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Review

Many connoisseurs out there love to vaporize with bags. The mobility and reach provided by a bag is great for vaping in groups which is hard to match and it seems Zephyr knows that. Their unit, the Zephyr Ion is a stationary unit that uses a system similar to the Volcano’s Solid Valve system to make filling bags easy. This unit may share some similarities to the Volcano, but how much can this unit really stand up to the legend? That’s what we’re here to find out, so let’s start up this review to see how much this Stationary unit has to offer!

Review: Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Review

Zephyr Ion With Balloon - How It Works

How it Works

One thing the Ion really has going for it is that it’s really easy to use. The heating chamber is a removable basket with a handle that allows you to scoop up your botanical easily while the unit preheats. To preheat the unit, simply plug it in, turn press the power button to turn it on and then use the two buttons under the digital display to select your desired temperature. Once the unit is heated, open the top of the unit and place the basket of botanical onto the unit and close the top making sure the latch clicks. Next, take one of the balloons, press the lever to open the air pathway and slide it onto the unit before releasing the lever. All that’s left to do is turn on the fan and watch your balloon fill up before turning it back off, taking off your full bag and enjoying by pressing the lever and inhaling through the air pathway!

Zephyr Ion - Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality

This unit is unfortunately made with a lot of plastic, something that usually sets off alarms in our heads due to poor experiences with units like the Palm 2.0. The plastic is durable, but the issue is more in how it alters the overall feel of the unit, and in some cases the vapor quality can be compromised. The pieces seem well machined and the design isn’t bad, especially when it comes to the basket for your botanical. The basket is well designed and fits nicely in the unit without issue. The biggest problem we had was that not 1 but 2 units gave out on us early on in testing. Both Ions’ heating element seemed to give out after a few uses leaving us with a unit that would display the temperature it was set to and the current temperature and the fan would still engage, but the unit simply wouldn’t heat up. This was a disappointing way to end the experience to say the least.

Zephyr Ion With Vapour Filled Balloon - Vapor Quality
Vapor Quality

The vapor we got from the unit wasn’t half bad despite the abundance of plastic. It was thick and satisfying while remaining relatively smooth. We attributed this to the wide heating chamber created by the basket and the unit being a forced air vaporizer. The wide heating chamber gives you more surface area for your botanical to rest on for more efficient extraction from the heated air that is pushed through the heating chamber.  The result is a pretty good vapor despite the manufacturer choosing to use as much plastic as they did, even in the air pathway.

Zephyr Ion's Open Heating Chamber - Ease of Use

Ease of Use

We found this unit easy to work with while it was working. Preheating the unit is as simple as a few button pushes and loading the heating chamber was actually the best part of this unit and a more unique feature. The basket for your botanical is removable which allows you to take it out, use the little handle to scoop up some botanical and then place it onto the unit. Filling a balloon is also really easy and only requires you open the valve on the balloon, place it onto the unit and then push the button to start the balloon filling process. The unit can also be used from anywhere using your phone and the free app from TeamViewer. This isn’t as easy as using the rest of the features is, but once mastered is a great way to get some extra use out of your unit as you can preheat it or even fill a bag from anywhere!

Close Up of Zephyr Ion Digital Display - Temperature Flexibility
Temperature Flexibility

The unit has a pretty wide temperature range that extends from 37.8 Celsius up to 226.7 Celsius. The temperature is incredibly easy to read on the large digital display as well, which makes for simple adjustment. This allows you to get many different types of vapor depending on what your preferences are. This is all hinged upon the unit’s heating element remaining functional. Should your unit be anything like ours, after a few uses it may suddenly decide it doesn’t want to budge from room temperature ever again.  Regardless, the temperature range the unit is manufactured to cover is quite impressive.

The Zephyr Ion With All Parts and Accessories - Overall Experience

Overall Experience

The Zephyr Ion has a lot of promise with its wide heating chamber and temperatures coupled with the ability to interact with your unit from anywhere using your phone, but quality control seems to be an issue and that was enough to spell the end for this unit. The heating element is one of the most important parts of any vaporizer, and the fact that both units we had experienced the same failure of that very part is a huge red flag. Hopefully this is something they’re working on fixing so this unit can realize its true potential.

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Haze Vaporizer Tips


The Haze is one of the newest additions to the portable vaporizer line up and has been attracting lots of attention, and that isn't just because of it's addition to celebrity gift bags at the Oscars. This unit's dual bowl system has lost of people in the industry talking about it, so we're here to give you the best tips to make the most of the Haze experience. 

Tips for the Haze Vaporizer 

Haze Vaporizer Review

Using the unit is a cinch - just open the panel to reveal the dual heating chambers, add in your botanical or concentrates to the desired bowls, close the panel, flip the switch either forward or backwards to engage the corresponding heating chamber, press the button on the top of the unit to select your temperature, extend the mouth piece and enjoy! You can learn even more about it in our review of the Haze
Haze vaporizer's botanical baskets- convection and conduction

Haze vaporizer with both stainless steel and glass mouth piecesThe Convection Basket

The first place where you can change your experience lies in the use of the baskets provided. In the package you'll find two types of baskets: a convection basket and a conduction basket. The conduction basket allows your botanical to touch the inside of the heating chamber making for a faster heat up time while the convection basket suspends your botanical away from the heating chamber and relies on air moving around the heating chamber to heat your botanical. As some of you might already know, convection provides a more even heating and makes for a better overall experience if done right, so you can expect better tasting vapor from the convection basket!

Haze vaporizer's temperature setting lights

The Glass Mouth Piece

You also get a choice with the type of mouth piece you use in the unit. It comes with a stainless steel mouth piece and a glass mouth piece, and each has it's merit, but when it comes to vapor quality, glass always wins. Glass has the ability to cool down vapor on it's way to your mouth while also keeping the flavor true to your botanical. This is especially true when it comes to portables as you can easily see in the Ascent and Solo. Stainless steel isn't bad and has the advantage of being more durable, but it's still no match for glass.

Long, Slow Draws

The Haze can heat up pretty quickly, but this doesn't change the fact that more hurried draws will only serve to overly cool the heating chamber, making it harder for you to get satisfying vapor. Once the heating chamber has reached the desired temperature, the temperature light will stop flashing and it will be ready for a draw. Taking a nice slow draw, like we mention in our vaporizing tips blog post will still alter the temperature in the heating chamber, but it will also improve the experience. The slower moving air will cool your botanical less, allowing for better extraction which will make every draw count more.

The Haze is a great unit and using these tips, you'll be able to max out it's potential and enjoy each and every session like it was your first!

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Top Vaporizers for the Cottage


It's already August, and with summer coming to a close everyone's going north these days to get one last dose of cottage life. Being away from a power outlet can sometime spell doom for a connoisseur, but it doesn't have to be. In times like these, you'll want a portable vape to take with you up to the cottage to relax that can last a while without needing a power outlet. Besides, when you're lying back looking out over a lake, the last thing you want to worry about is charging batteries for your unit. To help you out, here are some portables that can take you through a full weekend trip with the minimum recharging needed!

Top Cottage Vaporizers

Top Cottage Vaporizers

Iolite and WISPR Vaporizers

3. Iolite/WISPR

The Iolite and the new WISPR both run on purified butane, so you won't have to plug it in at all! They've got a patented catalytic converter inside that let's butane bring the heating chamber to the perfect temperature without any fumes or by-products. A full tank of butane will last up to two hours before it needs refilling. You can take an extra can of butane around with you, and it just only ten seconds to refill your unit when it needs it. The Iolite is pocket sized, and the WISPR isn't much bigger so travelling isn't much of a problem either.

Vapman Vaporizer

2. Vapman

We think the Vapman is a great portable unit. This unit is the perfect vaporizer for a trip to the cottage because it's nice and small and doesn't rely on batteries at all. It's nice and light, so you can take it anywhere without it slowing you down or taking up too much room. Most importantly, all you need to heat it is a torch lighter. As long as your lighter's filled, you're ready to go. This means you can take it for a weekend or longer with nothing but the unit, a torch lighter, and your favorite botanical. It even comes in a airtight, watertight case so you'll be okay even if you drop it off the dock or the side of your boat! To learn more about it, check out the Vapman review!

Zeus Thunder Vaporizer

1. Zeus Thunder

The Zeus Thunder is a pen-style vaporizer from Zeus Arsenal. One thing that makes this unit great is that it handles wax and oils really well, and since they're more concentrated, you can get a lot more use out of a lot less so you can make it last a long time. Another great thing is this unit is a 3-in-1 unit that can handle oils, concentrates and dry botanical! Now Zeus does state that the dry tank combusts, but we see it more as a convenient item as an alternative to those days where you feel like going back to old combusting habits. It's also super easy to load, take around and definitely more discreet than smoking. Lastly, the battery life on it this product is pretty good and will easily be able to last you the trip up, the whole stay at the cottage, and even the trip back! If you're worried about a worst case scenario where you run out of battery, you can pick up the car charger to keep your unit powered up while you're away form home. The Zeus Thunder is gaining a lot of popularity because of it's quality, even behemoth gadget sites like Gizmodo are raving about it.

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Top 5 Fruits You Shouldn't Overdo as Munchies


Getting hungry after a satisfying session with your vaporizer is nothing strange for most of you connoisseurs out there and we all know how hard it can be to find something to really hit the spot. For those of you who aren’t afraid to indulge ourselves, a quick stop at the local burger joint will likely be enough to satisfy your cravings, but some of you might be looking for something to hit the spot that will fit into your current dietary restrictions. For you guys, fruit is an awesome choice! Many fruits contain antioxidants, vitamins to nurture your beautiful biceps and abs and, best of all, there’s next to no fat, if any! They’re a great way to keep up your fabulous figure and still satisfy your sweet tooth, but some come at a cost when you overindulge. Luckily, Toronto V is here to help you steer clear of the dark destinations that lie at the end of glutinous roads.  

5 Fatal Fruits

5 Fatal Fruits

#5 - Cherries 5) Cherries 

These little red spheres are sweet and fun to eat. In a 154 g serving there you’ll likely to find 11% of your daily intake of dietary fiber, 21% of your daily dose of vitamin A and 22% of your daily dose of vitamin C. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you only had 154 g of cherries? If you’re like us, never! And after enjoying your favorite botanical, all hope for that will likely be lost.

Too much?

The things to watch out for come as a result of too much of a good thing. Your body needs about 38 g of fiber to ensure good gut health. Excessive amounts of fiber lead to constipation, and with something as delicious as cherries, it won’t be hard to eat enough to reach that point. The second thing is quercetin, which in small amounts offers great health benefits such as prevention of heart disease and cancer prevention! In excess, it can lead to upset stomach and trigger nausea and vomiting.

#4 - Kiwi 4) Kiwi

Beneath the brown fuzzy skin of this fruit lies a sweet green flesh that’s hard not to love. It’s sweet and exotic flavor stimulate your taste buds while the colours hidden inside the fruit practically beg you to eat it. Each serving of 140 g yields 9% of your daily folate intake, 10% of you daily vitamin E intake and a 196% of your daily vitamin C intake!

Too much?

So what happens when you eat way too much of this fruit? Many of you out there might be fine, but there are some of you (probably more than you’d expect) who might have a mild allergy to kiwi! This usually manifests as a burning, tingling or itching on your mouth, tongue, or lips, swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips, or throat, hives, nausea or vomiting. In severe cases the allergic reaction can be anaphylaxis, which is a fancy way of saying your throat will swell shut. In many cases, the allergic reaction is mild but the fruit is classified as a potential allergen so be wary if your tongue starts to feel a little tingly.

#3 - Pineapple 3) Pineapple

Few don’t love this wonderful fruit, be it as a snack or a house for a yellow guy under the sea. After or even during a session with your favorite vaporizer, pineapple is a sweet and delicious treat that can provide you with 9% of your daily dose of thiamin and vitamin B6 as well as 111% of your daily intake of vitamin C in a 1 cup serving.

Too much?

Pineapple also contains bromelain. What’s that? It’s a group of enzymes with one directive: break down protein in meat and flesh. That also includes just about everything in your mouth, so as you eat more and more of it, more of the enzyme is introduced into your mouth and more of the proteins in your mouth are broken down. This can lead to a whole host of feelings in your mouth such as tingling, burning, rawness, numbness, stinging or even bleeding on your lips. These symptoms are alleviated with time but they’re unpleasant none the less.

#2 - Watermellon 2) Watermelon 

A single 154 g serving of watermelon provides 5% of your daily dose of potassium, 18% of your daily dose of vitamin A and 21% of your daily dose of vitamin C. Beyond that, it’s delicious and super refreshing in the summertime. They’re also usually twice the size of a human head, so it’s easy to eat more than you probably should, but what would happen if you overindulged?

Too much?

Lycopene, which is found in watermelon, is considered safe and even beneficial for humans, but that’s of course in reasonable doses. In this case, that dose is under 30 mg. Over that you’re looking at a whole mess of gastro intestinal issues including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion and bloating.

1) Dried Dates

Dates are delicious. If this seems like a secret to you, just head over to your grocery store and buy some. Once you've tried them you’ll probably agree with us as they taste like, and are advertised as, Mother Nature's candy. This can be very dangerous because they’re small enough to pop in your mouth one at a time like a chip while you forget how many you’ve actually eaten.

Too much?

One 140 gram serving contains approximately 391 calories! As you pop more of Mother Nature’s candy in your mouth, you’ll be packing calories into your mouth that you’re likely not prepared to work off. This same serving also has a whopping 91 grams of sugar. That kind of sugar is a nightmare for a diabetic but a dream for a dentist! Tooth decay is a very real problem because of how easily dates can stick to your teeth. Lastly, some people have an intolerance to fructose. Consumption of too much fructose can cause these individuals gas, bloating and diarrhea. With the amount of fructose in this snack, eating enough to cause a bad reaction is all too easy and the results are very unpleasant. Some of us here at Toronto V can sadly attest to that fact.

The point here is that everything here is good in moderation. Portion control only seems like a laughing matter until your lips are bleeding or you’re locked in the bathroom for a few hours. None of the symptoms we’ve discussed in this post are fun to experience, so make sure to keep yourself in check and set out portions of these fruits to eat before you vaporize to avoid these calamities.

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Zeus Thunder Vaporizer Review

Concentrates and extracts have been making big waves in the vaporizer industry which has shot pen-style vaporizers up dramatically in popularity. To meet the rising demand, ZEUSArsenal recently released the Thunder, a pen-style vaporizer with changeable tanks that allow you to enjoy viscous oils, waxes, and very soon, even dry botanical! Join us as we take a close look at this versatile, portable unit to see what it has to offer over other pens on the market!

Review: The Zeus Thunder Vaporizer

Zeus Tunder Vaporizer Review

Zeus Tunder Vaporizer, Z-Oil, Z-Oil pro, Z-Wax, Z-Wax Pro, Z-App How it Works

The Thunder is a multi-purpose unit that can be used with the Z-Oil tank for oils, the  Z-Wax tank for waxes/botanical dust and very soon,  the Z-Erb for dry botanicals. The first step is to load your chosen extract into the appropriate tank. 

For the Z-Oil tank, with the tank on the Z-Fuel, carefully pull out the silicone cap that covers the heating coil and wick with your Z-App, squeeze your extracts into the tank until it’s filled about 2/3 of the way. Next, with the groves on the silicone cap aligned with the wick, use the Z-App to gently push the cap back into the tank. Loading the Z-Erb is as simple as grinding up your botanical then pulling off the Z-Glass and mouth piece, unscrewing the top of the Z-Core E and loading your botanical into the heating chamber. Once filled, simply screw back on the cap and replace the Z-Glass and it’s ready to use. For the Z-Wax tank, use your Z-App to scoop some wax and apply it directly to the coil. Make sure you don’t touch the coil with the applicator or you could damage your unit.

The Pro Series requires a different set of steps for loading. To load the Z-Oil Pro, all you have to do is unscrew the base of the tank, squeeze in your chosen oil into the tank down the side (not down the middle) and then screw back on the base. There are 2 ways to load the Z-Wax Pro. The first way is to apply the wax direction to the coil just like with the Z-Wax tank. The second is to scrape the wax onto to side of the tank, and then use a torch lighter to heat up the heating chamber and melt the wax into the tank. This is a really convenient way to do it and one everyone at the office agrees is their favorite way.

To engage the heating element, all you have to do is press the button. If the unit is locked, just press the button five times to unlock or lock the machine.

Zeus Thunder Engage Heating Element Button

Temperature Flexibility

As it is with all pen-style units, there is no temperature flexibility. Instead, there is a single button used to engage the heating element, but this unit does get 20% hotter than other pen-style gadgets, which does improve some of the functionality of the unit, but we’ll talk more about that later.

ZEUS Thunder 4 Tanks

Vapor Quality

There are 4 tanks you can use with this unit for vaporization purposes that offer different experiences when it comes to vapour quality: the Z-Wax tank, the Z-Oil tank, The Z-Wax Pro tank and the Z-Oil Pro tank. When it comes to vapor quality, the Pro Tank Series outclass the other tanks thanks to the fact that they’ve been designed for higher output capacity. As a result, you can expect bigger, thicker draws when using the Pro Tanks than what you’d get from the Z-Oil and Z-Wax tanks. Regardless of which tank you use, vapor production is effortless and smooth with this unit and on this note critics couldn't agree more. Even behemoth gadget review sites like Gizmodo boast about the Thunder's vapor quality.

The Z-Erb tank actually combusts your botanical. This isn’t a surprise as the technology simply doesn’t exist to offer vaporization in pen-vaporizers yet. ZEUSArsenal seems to have offered this additional tank option for convenience and to meet customer requests, as many connoisseurs are looking for a discreet pen-style unit that can be used with dry botanical. The great thing about the Z-Erb Tank system is that you can buy multiple Z-Core E’s to carry around and swap out easily for convenient, simple on the go use.

ZEUS Thunder Components

Manufacturing Quality

This vaporizer really shines in this category because of how well the entire unit was made. Each component is high quality and built to execute masterfully. The Z-Fuel (battery) and Z-Shield (top cap) are all PVD coated to provide a luxurious, extremely robust and clean finish. The coating is mega durable and protects the unit from scratches so that it won’t be badly damaged when you’re carrying it around in your pocket alongside other items like your keys. The Pro Tank Series miss out on the shield (as they are slightly larger), but they’re made of high quality materials as well – the Z-Oil Pro tank offers an acrylic exterior with a stainless steel air pathway and the Z-Wax Pro tank offers an all-glass exterior with a stainless steel air pathway. Though the Pro Tanks are more durable and offer a more premium experience, all of the Z-Tanks are made to be disposable, which isn’t the best approach in our opinion, but even tanks on units like the G-Pen have a lifecycle of about 4-6 weeks. That being said, the Thunder’s disposable tank approach is hygienic, relatively maintenance-free and inexpensive.  The unit is also covered by a 2 year warranty, which is something not even Grenco offers on their G-Pens.

ZEUS Thunder Z-Fuel Battery

Battery Life

The Z-Fuel is the batter of the unit and has a 650 mAh capacity. This lasts about 300-500 puffs which is a really long time. In our testing of the unit, we didn’t end up completely draining the battery and the one time we did charge the Z-Fuel was only to ensure we had enough power to last us through a weekend without needing to charge it again, which it did with ease. Bottom line the ZEUS Thunder is uber convenient when it comes to battery life and unlike other units, where charging is almost a daily chore, this unit allows you to vape carefree, without you needing to worry about the battery dying on you at any moment.

Zeus Thunder Slim Design


This gadget’s light weight and slim design make it super easy to carry around wherever you go. Being able to take apart almost every piece of the unit makes portability even easier. The only hiccup in the portability of this unit is the Z-Wax Pro’s Z-Glass. Being made of glass does make for easy cleaning but is more fragile than the other pieces when it comes to transportation. Z-Glass notwithstanding, the size, battery life and durability of this unit make it nice and simple to carry around and enjoy while you’re out and about.

Zeus Thunder with all tanks open and Z-App

Ease of Use

Pen-style units are a breeze to use because there is only one button to press and there are many removable parts that make assembly and disassembly super simple. There are some complications to be had with loading the Z-Oil and Z-Wax as opening and closing the Z-Oil and getting your wax onto the Z-Wax coil without touching it demands caution and patience. This can take some getting used to, but after a few sessions you get the hang of it.  Luckily, the Pro Tanks make this endeavour much simpler, so if you prefer larger output capacity and premium vapour, and don't mind paying a little extra for this upgraded experience, easier loading comes along with it!

Zeus Thunder


The all black finish and small size of the unit makes the ZEUS Thunder very covert, making it difficult for people around you to notice anything at all. As the Pro Tanks are larger they are not covered by the Z-Shield. This makes the pen less discreet when in use with these tanks, as the top portion is exposed. As such, we docked points for discretion when the unit is used in combo with the Pro Tank Series. With that said, when considering the Pro Tanks, you end up sacrificing discretion for improved vapour quality. The Z-Erb also loses a few points when it comes to discretion as the combustion does create more smell and the Z-Shield also doesn’t fit over this tank (so it too is exposed). To deal with this toss up: discretion or vapour quality, we recommend choosing the items that fit your lifestyle. Of course if you're not on a tight budget, we'd recommend collecting all the tanks to ensure the best overall experience. This way, you can use the Z-Wax and Z-Oil when you're on the go (maximizing portability and discretion) and the Pro Tank Series when you're not in public (maximizing vapour quality and ease of use).

Zeus Thunder Package Contents

Overall Experience

For use with waxes and oils this is a great device - add the convenience of the dry botanical tank and you've got a 3in1 unit for $100. However, be aware that when using the dry botanical tank you will be combusting (for the reasons mentioned above). That being said overall this unit is great value for money.  Unlike the hundreds of other cheap pens that have flooded the market, the Thunder was developed with quality in mind. The 4-6 week durability index on the tanks wasn't something we were stoked about, but the upside to this is clean, fresh vapour every month or so without the hassle of much cleaning/maintenance. Overall, the unit is well built, with a unique, robust PVD finish, multi-purpose tanks, long-lasting battery and convenient array of accessories, that combined with a 2-year warranty makes it winner in our books.

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Haze Vaporizer Review


The world of portable vaporizers is constantly growing and evolving in an attempt to provide the ultimate vaporizing experience for people on the go, and the Haze is the newest attempt at that dream. This unit comes to us from Haze Tech and features some interesting and innovative approaches to the typically standard approach to portable units. In this review, we’ll look at the things that set this unit apart from the rest to see if it’s the next step in vaporizing evolution!

Review: Haze Vaporizer

Review of the Haze vaporizer!

Haze vaporizer with mouth piece extended

How It Works

Using the Haze can seem complicated at first because of its dual heating chambers, but it’s actually pretty simple. Simply open the unit to reveal both heating chambers and place a basket in each heating chamber. Next, load your botanical into the heating chamber either with your fingers or with the tool provided. Once the unit is loaded, close the top and push the mouth cover to reveal the symbol for the chamber you wish to engage ( the empty circle is the top chamber and the full white circle is the bottom one) and tip the unit over to allow the mouth piece to slide out. This will also turn the unit on.  Lastly, press the button on the top of the unit to select between the 4 temperature settings, wait for the flashing lights to turn solid and you’re ready to enjoy. If the lights ever begin to flash again it means the chambers temperature has fallen below the selected temperature and needs to heat back up. Just wait for the lights to turn solid again and continue to enjoy your vapor!

Picture of Haze vaporizer's temperature indicating light

Temperature Flexibility

The temperature flexibility comes in the form of 4 settings that you can track with the lights on the front left hand cover of the unit. Pushing the button will allow you to rotate between the 4 settings which are 121 Celsius, 175 Celsius, 190 Celsius, and 210 Celsius. This does provide a decent selection when it comes to getting different thicknesses of vapor from the unit, and it’s also very easy to switch between temperature settings, but it does not offer much in the way of control to fine-tune the experience to your needs.  

Picture of Haze vaporizer and 2 mouth pieces

Vapor Quality

Picture of Haze's dual heating chambersThe vapor quality is nice with the haze, very smooth and cool. The vapor through the stainless steel mouth piece was surprisingly no cooler than the glass and the flavor was thankfully untainted by either mouth piece. To that end, the unit does a good job of presenting the flavor of your botanical truthfully while keeping it cool which is likely thanks to their patented heat exchange technology. 

Haze batteries, charger and mouth pieces

Manufacturing Quality

There is a lot of plastic used in the production of this unit, but it’s used to good effect and doesn’t end up intruding on the air pathway which is stainless steel. Haze Tech provides 2 mouth pieces for you to choose from; 1 made of stainless steel and the other made of glass. The heating chamber is stainless steel which may not seem all together that relevant as your botanical will end up sitting in wire baskets, but might come in contact with the heating chamber if you decide to use the conduction baskets instead of the convection ones as they have open sides that allows your botanical to make physical contact with the stainless steel heating chamber. 

Haze with battery door open

Battery Life

The unit is powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries which are basically 18650 batteries with a 2600 mAh capacity. This should last you about 3-4 sessions before you have to switch them out to be recharged, which takes about 2-3 hours.
Picture of the Haze, 2 batteries, 2 mouth pieces and charger


Picture of the Haze vaporizer
The Haze is shaped like a flask which presents it with an advantage when it comes to slipping it into your pocket to carry it around with you. The unit tapers in the middle and the curve allows it to better conform to the shape of your leg while in your pocket. The mouth piece also slides into the unit when not in use. This keeps you from having to find a way to safely transport it and keeps the mouth piece in a convenient place for the next use. The last thing that helps the unit’s portability rating is the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery used to power it. In the box you’re provided with 2 of them which can be easily installed via the tab at the bottom of the unit, and if you drain it while out and about you can quickly and easily switch the battery out without having to worry about accessing a power outlet. 

Picture of the Haze, 2 batteries, 2 mouth pieces and chargerEase of Use

The haze is remarkably easy to use. Flipping the switch to expose the mouth piece also turns the unit on and selecting temperatures is a simple press of a button. The loading and unloading process is relatively painless, though we would have liked to see the option to open one heating chamber at a time as it would make emptying and filling one chamber at a time easier, especially if you’re in a rush. 


The unit might have a shape that makes it easier to sit in your pocket, but it is a bit big and can call a bit of attention to itself while in use. The unit doesn’t leak vapor, but the size and shape is reminiscent of a flask with a straw which might make those around you curious as to what you’re doing. Though it isn't very discreet when in use, it is quite discreet to carry around. Because it fits so nicely in your pocket, it doesn't make for a noticeable bulge that would be cause for suspicion.  

Overall Experience

This unit has some interesting features that we appreciated but the overall execution left us feeling like it couldn’t fairly compete with other portable units in its price range. The ability to switch out the stem was one great feature, the ability to swap out a battery on the go was another, but most of all, we found the dual heating chamber concept to be the biggest advantage of the Haze. The unit is innovative for sure, but there are still a few improvements when it comes to temperature control and efficiency we’d like to see that would help it rank better in the future.

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