H-alizer Review

NASA scientists have an amazing reputation for intelligence, innovation and incredible feats that stretch the limits of what you thought possible - for example NASA recently revealed designs for a warp-drive ship! Lucky for us connoisseurs, a few of their engineers left their NASA posts, choosing vaporizers over space and six-figure salaries.

And what did they make? Introducing the very new, very techy: H-alizer. Featuring high quality components, halogen technology, a futuristic design and the fastest heat up time for a stationary vaporizer in the market, this unit is meant to change how we think about stationary vaporizers. Let’s see what this US-made has to offer!

H-alizer Review

H-alirzer Vaporizer Review

H-alizer open with heating chamber removed and opened

How to Use

The H-alizer is remarkably easy to use. When you open the unit up, there are 4 buttons, the temperature up and down button, the Aromatherapy button, the Vaportherapy button, and the fan button. Pressing the Aromatherapy button will engage the unit’s Aromatherapy function where you can apply aromatherapy oils to the liquid pad and let the unit disperse scent into the room. Selecting the Vaportherapy option will allow you to vaporize your favorite botanical. To do that, all you need to do is remove the heating chamber and open it before loading. Once it’s filled, close it back and place it back onto the unit. The magnets in the unit and the heating chamber will allow it to snap back in place. Once it’s reattached, all you have to do is select your temperature and let the unit heat up. Less than 20 seconds later, you’ll be ready to enjoy your vapor using either the whip or balloon option.

H-alizer with top open showing main area and mezzanine storage area

Manufacturing Quality

This unit, at first glance,  may deceive you as it seems like it might not be tough enough to last. But after further inspection and use, you’ll find that it’s actually quite robust while still being incredibly light weight. The plastic shell is hard enough to protect the 16 bit 32 MHz processor that serves as the brain of the unit. Beyond the unit itself, you get a 3ft medical grade, white silicone tube, 4 squeeze valve balloons and a 5-year quality guarantee.  In fact, all the materials used in the air pathway of this unit are medical grade, which is a huge plus that many other vaporizers can’t match.

H-alizer with whip attached and balloon next to the unit

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of this unit is absolutely amazing. This is due to the uniquely designed, wide-set, convection heating chamber that uses a Halogen lamp, a lot like the Aromed stationary vaporizer. This makes for incredibly efficient extraction and truly flavourful vapour. The medical grade silicone whip also imparts no alternative flavour to the vapour and the unit offers extremely accurate temperature control (from 143 to 229C). All of these elements combined produce vapor that is smooth, flavorful, satisfying and surprisingly cool.

H-alizer whip, heating chamber and balloon attachment together.

Ease of Use

Using this unit is an extremely intuitive experience. The unit turns on as soon as you pop open the lid and getting it to do what you need it to do – be that aromatherapy or vaportherapy – is as simple as pressing the right button. For those of you who are confused as to what each setting is for, the unit has prompts on its colour screen to let you know exactly what each setting is designed for. From there, all you have to do is set your temperature, plug in the whip or attach your balloon and start vaping!

Close up of H-alizer's colour display Temperature Flexibility

Some connoisseurs out there prefer thicker, heavier vapor while others like lighter more flavorful vapor. This is usually cause for debate when it comes to picking a unit, but given the H-alizer’s wide temperature range, every connoisseur can be satisfied with this unit. It starts off at 143 degrees Celsius and climbs to a whopping 229 Celsius, which we think is a great temperature range for vaporizing. This means that lovers of both thick and thin vapor can happily vape with this machine. The icing on the cake is the accuracy and speed of this unit’s temperature, which can be achieved at the press of a button.

H-alizer with all  of the box's contents in one shot

Overall Experience

In the end, this futuristic stationary unit from the talented engineers at NASA is not a unit you will want to pass up. It’s a very well-made, beautifully engineered and masterfully executed unit. It’s not only visually appealing, but also incredibly discreet, which is not at all like other stationaries that clearly scream: "I am a vaporizer!" It also delivers a vaporizing experience that will leave you wondering why anybody would want to put it away. It might be pricey, but it’s easy to see how the makers of the H-alizer made every dollar count. If you've got the cash and want the techiest new stationary around, this is your unit.

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Top 3 Vapes for the Canada Day Fireworks


Canada Day is here again fellow connoisseurs, and it’s our job as Canadians to properly celebrate this wonderful country in which we live. You can spend the day having a BBQ with friends, enjoying the sun and sand at the beach or just relaxing at home with loved ones, but when the night falls there’s only one thing to do that makes any sense: fireworks!  Nothing says Canada Day like colourful explosions in the sky, and we here at TorontoVaporizer are here to help you make the most of the light show with a ranking of the best vaporizers for the occasion!

Top Vapes for the Fireworks

Top 3 Vapes for the Canada Day Fireworks

#3 The Puffit 3)The Puffit

The Puffit from Discreet Vape is an obvious choice for the occasion as its puffer-like shape offers discretion in a way that no other vaporizer can. If you’re in a crowd of people watching the fireworks and you want to vape, pulling out a Puffit won’t attract much, if any attention. The unit also operates at a relatively low temperature, meaning it doesn’t create thick noticeable plumes of vapor. Most people are looking up at the sky and for the few who do take a moment to look at you as you pull it out, they may simply think that the beautiful display in the sky has taken your breath away! Either way, with the Puffit you’ll be able to vaporize peacefully, even in a very crowded area!

#2 The Arizer Solo

2) The Arizer Solo

This unit has a few features that make it a powerhouse portable that’s perfect to take with you to enjoy the fireworks. One of them is that this unit boasts the best vapor quality out of any portable vaporizer! It’s described by many as the Volcano of portables! Another is its awesome temperature flexibility. You can turn the heat down to get great tasting, less noticeable vapor that can keep your vaping covert. The last is the ability to modify the solo. You can MacGyver the solo to replace its more breakable and more noticeable glass stem with the Iolite V2’s more durable and discreet mouth piece. That way when it’s dark enough for the fireworks to start, your solo will blend into the shadows and nobody will be the wiser to your activities!

#1 The Ascent from DaVinci

1) The Ascent

When you compare the Ascent to the Solo, the Ascent might lose in vapor quality, but overall, you couldn’t pick a better vaporizer to bring to the fireworks than the Ascent! It’s got amazing temperature flexibility, fantastic vapor quality, a shape and size that looks a lot like a cell phone and comes in a stealthy all black that can blend into the darkness. This combined with the unit’s retractable glass drawing stem means you could vaporize in a crowd of people and really make the best of the Canada day festivities!

We may have focused more on enjoying the fireworks, but no matter how you choose to enjoy the day, these vaporizers are a sure way to step up your celebration and make the day that much more special. Summer doesn’t last that long here in Canada, so make sure you do everything you can to enjoy it!
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Puffit X Review

Many people who want to take advantage of the benefits of vaporizing often do so with discreetness in mind. With that in mind, Discreet Vape developed a great portable vaporizer that can provide discreetness on a near ninja level that would change the portable vaporizer world for the better. That unit was the first forced air portable vaporizer on the market: The Puffit X. The unit achieves this feat by looking almost exactly like a standard asthma puffer! That way, if you’re out in public and want to have a quick session, you can pull it out and take a puff without anybody getting suspicious. This is a pretty big deal, so we decided we’d take an in depth look at this unit so we could give you a review of the Puffit X!

Puffit X

Puffit X Review

Looking inside the Puffit X's heating chamberHow to Use

The Puffit X is remarkably easy to use. All you have to do is unscrew the silver cap to expose the heating chamber and load your botanical. Once it’s filled, put the silver cap on and pull the cover off of the mouth piece. This will automatically turn on the unit and you should see a red light already on inside the vapor pathway. Next, push down on the silver top cap like you would a normal puffer and hold it for 2 seconds to engage the heating chamber. The light will flash red as the heating chamber warms up and will turn to a solid green light once the chamber reaches the selected temperature. Now, all you have to do is press down on the silver cap again to engage the fan and let the Puffit X blow your vapor directly into your mouth! After a few seconds the green light will turn yellow and the heating element will disengage, the fan will stop and the unit will go back into standby mode to avoid overheating. All you need to do is press the button again to start the process back up and enjoy another mouth full of vapour!

The Puffit X's vapor pathway

Temperature Settings

The Puffit X has a total of 8 temperature settings the manufacturer states that you can set the temperature between 155 and 220 Degrees Celsius.  We’ve found that in order to really get any vapor from the unit, you have to start at around 7 which is about 210 degrees Celsius. On the highest temperature setting the Puffit-X produces a flavorful, light vapor. This means that even when you're at the maximum heat setting, you're still unlikely to draw much attention while you use it.

Manufacturing Quality

The outside of the vaporizer is constructed with plastic to make sure the unit looks as much like a medical inhaler as possible. The vapour pathway is constructed of stainless steel and the heating chamber is gold-plated to ensure even heating of your botanical. This unit doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel in this respect and keeps the look and make of the unit essentially the same as the Puffit, with the addition of the fan inside the unit.


This unit is quite small, has a decent battery life and is very light weight which makes it very portable. That combined with the look of the unit means you won’t have any trouble bringing this vaporizer around with you for a quick session while you’re on the go. Being shaped like a regular puffer does come with a disadvantage - it doesn't fit very nicely in your pocket. It has a bit of an awkward feel if you're walking around with it in your pocket, but it's a small price to pay for the discretion the unit provides.

Battery Life

As we mentioned before, the battery life of this vaporizer is decent. With a full charge, the unit is able to last about 4 complete sessions before needing to be recharged. To make recharging more convenient, the unit has a 1 hour rapid charge that will bring the unit back to 80% battery power when plugged in with the AC adapter and an auto shutoff that keeps the unit from needlessly expending energy when not in use.

The Puffit X in black and grey and greenDiscreetness

This unit is easily one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market. Its form factor and function keep the unit from attracting too much attention or suspicion, letting the user vaporize covertly even in more public places! This is by far the biggest advantage this unit has over every other vaporizer on the market!

Ease of Use

This unit is as easy to use as a real puffer. All you have to do is push the button, let it heat, push it again and enjoy. Cleaning it is a bit more difficult but a little cleaning solution on a grime stick will make short work of anything in your heating chamber and on the cap. Using this vaporizer is even easier than using the regular Puffit because all you have to do it push the button and breathe in the vapor!

The Puffit X and the contents of its box.

Over all Experience

The Puffit X is a super discreet and convenient vaporizer. It makes taking draws from the unit a breeze and using the unit in public an easy task to say the least. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that has mastered the art of hiding in plain sight, this is the perfect vaporizer for you!

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Volcano Tips and Tricks


When you use a vaporizer properly, you will be getting good quality vapor that corresponds to the quality of the vaporizer itself. This is true from the cheapest homemade units and all the way up to the top of the line units. The Volcano is a stationary unit from the manufacturer Storz and Bickel that has been one of the most popular and powerful vaporizers for a very long time now. Today we are going to be looking at some general tips and tricks to get the most out of your Volcano vaporizer. These tips apply to both the Classic and the Digital versions of the volcano.

Tips and Tricks for the Volcano

Volcano Digital unit

The Tips

To use the Volcano, you turn it on by using the red switch. You then let it preheat for about three to five minutes. After preheating, put the botanical into the filling chamber and place it on top of the unit. Then, the valve balloon is attached and the green switch is turned on. Now, the balloon will fill with vapor in between thirty seconds and one minute. After the balloon is filled, the green switch is turned off. You can then disconnect the filling chamber from the valve balloon and take it off the Volcano. Finally, you attach the mouthpiece to the balloon and take your draws. If you don't plan on vaping anymore, you can shut the unit off with the red switch.

Volcano Vaporizer with Zeus Bolt Grinder1) The Grind

Your vapor quality depends on a number of factors for success. A major factor will be the quality of your botanical. Another major factor is the consistency at which you grind your botanical. If your botanical is ground too coarsely, you are preventing the vaporizer from totally heating your material. If your botanical is ground too finely, it will not allow the heat to move efficiently through your material. We recommend that you use a grinder that is designed specifically with vaporizers in mind. Another factor will be how much botanical you load as well as the temperature. The higher the temperature, the more vapor will be released. It will also be thicker and more visible.

The Tricks

1) Keep It Clean

You want to make sure that you clean your volcano on a regular basis. The more you use the unit the more you are going to need to clean it. Replace your bags every 30 to 45 days, depending on usage. They are not designed for long term usage beyond this timeline.

Volcano Caporizer digital display with Easy valve and Solid valve2) Switch the Bags

Another tip for your bags is to consider how you want to replace your bags. You can choose between the Easy Valve system or the the Solid Valve system. The Easy valve is an all in one system in which you purchase a box of predefined bags and valves. They all come in standard sizes and are very straightforward in their usage. You should get this if you want the simplest experience possible. Solid Valve is a sort of a make your own bag system. It does take a bit more preparation work but you get to determine what size bags you want to make. It also may be a little bit less expensive due to the fact they you only need to replace the bags and not the entire system.

3) Low and Slow

Finding the right temperature can be daunting at first. To really see what works for you, start out at a low temperature. From there you can increase your setting until you find what produces the best vapor you. You will get more control over your temperature with the digital but the classic still produces quality vapor. The flavor will depend on your botanical and the volcano won't affect it.
A great feature of the unit, as well as many vaporizers is that you do not require a large amount of botanical to achieve the same results as smoking. Take your time and understand how much you need to achieve your desired results in a session. Once your botanical is producing no more vapor and is an even brown color, you can next use it in baking. You can find recipes in specialized cookbooks and all over the internet.
Volcano Vaporizer with accessories


There is a reason that the volcano has been the king of stationary vaporizers for so long. With our tips and tricks today, you can find new ways to enhance your vaporizing experience. As with any major consumer electronic device, you will find what works for you the more you use your vaporizer.
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Silver Surfer Review


The Silver Surfer is a very popular stationary vaporizer, and we've been asked why we don't carry it. It's certainly got a lot of nice features and its own style. It's made by the same company as the Da Buddha Vaporizer, and it's very similar to that. Here's a rundown of how it works and its pros and cons.
Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer 

Silver Surfer vaporizer review

Silver Surder silicone tubing

How it Works

The Silver Surfer is a whip style vaporizer, with no other options. It has just one control: the temperature knob in the front. It's very easy to use, but you can't be sure of what setting you're at. After heating the vaporizer up to full strength, you adjust the dial to the general temperature you want and take draws through the whip.
Silver Surfer Carrying bag

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is definitely one area where this vape excels. It's made of durable metal and feels pretty sturdy. 7th Floor gives it a 3 year warranty. The style is well known and simple but effective, and you can get custom hand blown glass parts from the manufacturer, which is pretty cool. The materials are all high quality and it definitely seems solid. It also comes with its own padded carrying case, which looks awesome.

Silver surfer ground glass wand in glass heating chamber

Vapor Quality

Silver surfer with glass wand in heating chamber and silicone tube attachedThe Silver Surfer has a ceramic heater and all glass parts, which definitely makes for great vapor quality. It generally produces good, strong, fairly dense vapor. This depends of course on the temperature setting, which is hard to be precise with. You can change the density of your vapor roughly by turning the dial, but you can't always duplicate the setting you used last

Ease of Use

The Silver Surfer takes about three minutes to heat up to your preferred temperature, which is pretty fast. It's very easy to use the basic controls and it's so simple that there aren't many ways it can go wrong. Generally the only flaws are little ones, for example, the tubing tends to disconnect from the wand pretty easily, and the glass parts, of course, are breakable.
The only clear issue is the reach. This isn't really a unit for more than two people to use at once. Mostly that's an inherent problem for whip style units, but the placement of the whip on the Silver Surfer makes it worse.

Silver Surfer hand-made glass temperature nob

Temperature Flexibility

This vaporizer apparently has a very large range of temperature settings, from almost no heat at all to a top setting that's actually a little too hot for vaporizing. However, there aren't any numbers or temperatures on the dial. You can't be sure you're getting the same temperature each time. The temperature also varies slightly depending on the strength of your draws. While there are lots of temperatures to choose from, you really can't be certain of temperature consistency with this system.

Silver Surfer with glass want, tubing, screens, carrying bag and stirring tool

Overall Experience

So this sounds like a pretty great vape. The problem is, there's almost nothing differentiating it from the Da Buddha, made by the same company. They're both strictly whip style units. They have the same mechanism and the same controls. The materials, manufacturing quality, and vapor quality are similar. They even look about the same. The only difference is the price: $100 more. The Silver Surfer doesn't give you more vaporization options or any big improvement, so the extra $100 is pretty much just for the name value. The operation is really too basic to justify the price on this one.

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June Vaporizer of the Month


Happy June connoisseurs! It’s a beautiful month full of summer sun and vaporizing fun! Nobody’s going to want to spend much time indoors, so we’ve selected a wonderful portable vaporizer for this month, the Arizer Solo. 

Vape of the Month June: The Arizer Solo

June vaporizer of the month is the Arizer Solo
The Solo is a very popular vaporizer that is famous for its excellent vapor quality. Some people call it the “Volcano of Portables”! Besides having great vapor quality, it’s a Canadian made vaporizer. Since it’s Fathers’ Day this month, you might be struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad, and the Solo might just be the perfect gift for the man who seems to have everything! :)

June Aromatherapy Blend

The Solo is the perfect vaporizer to use for inhaling the essential oils of your favourite botanicals. For June pick up some chamomile Aromatherapy blend for your dad! Chamomile grows in the wild all over the world, and has been used for hundreds of years to treat indigestion, nervousness, depression, and headaches. Your dad can load some leaves into his unit’s aroma tube and he’ll be vaporizing some tasty chamomile in a few short minutes!

Fathers’ Day 

Arizer Solo glass stem with tube capThe Solo has the best vapor quality of any portable vaporizer we’ve seen. This little guy pumps out lots of thick and smooth vapor even with a small amount of botanical. One of the reasons this vaporizer can produce such high-quality vapor is it has a totally pure air pathway. The manufacturer used high quality components in putting this unit together, right from the heating chamber to the stem. The chamber is a glass-glazed ceramic, and the stem is glass. The more glass, the more pure vapor you’re going to have, and this vaporizer definitely takes full advantage of this. Not only is the taste pure, but the temperature of the vapor is great too. Glass does a good job of cooling vapor down on its travel through the pathway, and it’s extremely easy to clean too. Its only downside is that it is breakable. Arizer uses high quality blown glass, but if you drop the stem on a hard surface it probably won’t survive. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a few extra stems on hand if you’re on a long hike or camping trip. 

Another good reason to carry extra stems would be to pre-load them if you’re going to vaporize in a public place. Rather than loading your botanical into the stems out in the open, you can load up a few stems at home and then cap them off with a tube cap. You can grab a few tube caps for just a couple of bucks, and they’re a great way to boost the discreetness of the Solo. 

If there’s one thing every father deserves it’s quality, and what better way to celebrate the most important man in your life than with a unit that boasts some of the most pure and high quality vapor on the market? The Solo is the perfect vaporizer for your dear old dad delivering the gift of amazing vapor in a very portable package. It’s discreet enough to use anywhere he likes, he just has to conceal it with his hands and remember to have those stems pre-loaded and capped off for the quickest session. That way, he can spend his special day chilling out with some relaxing chamomile vapor. You've spent years giving him headaches, it’s about time you start helping to relieve them!

Arizer Solo with car chargerSummer Heat

The Solo has a great battery life too, about 90 minutes of continuous vaporizing with a full charge. This makes it perfect to take out on a hike or anywhere you couldn't find a power outlet. The unit charges up in a few hours, and can be used while it’s charging, so when he heads back to base camp he can plug it in and enjoy it right away!
If you think your dad might want to go camping with it often, it’s a great idea to pick up a hard case for the unit. These hard cases are not only odor proof, but water proof too. As

long as his unit is safely stowed away in the case it will be dry and secure – even if he forgets to bring it into the tent with you!

July is a month full of great weather, and it’s a lovely time to spend outdoors with friends and family. The Arizer Solo is the perfect vaporizer to help make your fathers’ day complete. It delivers top-notch vapor and lots of it, all in a perfectly portable package! 

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Vaporizers Hitting the Mainstream?


Vaporizers on the Silver Screen

Recently it seems like vaporizers are popping up everywhere. It's one thing to hear it mentioned by a musician in one of their songs, but it's another thing entirely to see a vaporizer used in a network television series! That's right, vaporizers have made it to TV and we here at TorontoVaporizer couldn't be happier!

Laurence Fishburne and the Arizer Solo

In NBC's thriller Hannibal, Mr. Fishburne plays Jack Crawford, the Agent-in-Charge of the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI. In an episode that aired in March, many connoisseurs noticed that Jack was taking draws from an Arizer Solo in one of the scenes! This was unexpected to say the least, but what it more interesting is that it wouldn't be the last one to show up on the silver screen! 
Laurence Fishburne taking draws from an Arizer Solo
This vaporizer is a great choice for anybody who appreciates amazing vapor quality. The Solo's glass vapor pathway makes for a pure and cool vapor that's sure to satisfy on every level a vaporizer enthusiast could want. The unit has great temperature flexibility and is very portable as well. We like to think that if you're stressed out from a day of dealing with psychopathic serial killers, vaping with the Solo would be a fantastic way to take the edge off. You can check out our full review of the Arizer Solo! We hope Mr. Fishburn got to keep it after filming was over!  

Brandon T. Jackson and the Pax

Showtime's hit series Californication has a cast composed of some core members as well as some actors who will play a role for a single season. This season, Brandon T. Jackson plays Hashtag Black, an actor on the show Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny) is writing for to pay the bills. In Episode 8 fans were taken by surprise with the appearance of a vaporizer on the set.  Hashtag announced it as a vaporizer before he and Hank had a session behind the trailers! 
Hashtag and Hank Share a Pax behind the trailers.

The Pax is a perfect fit for a situation where discreetness is in order. It's a very small, light weight and easy to use. Unfortunately it's not on the top of our list of vaporizers, largely because of the heavy maintenance requirements and poor battery life. That being said, from the perspective of the show Hashtag wouldn't likely care. He probably has some assistant of his clean his PAX at least once a day - a luxury most of us sadly lack. For the full rundown of our thoughts on this unit, check out our in-depth review of the PAX vaporizer.

No matter the unit, we're happy to see vaporizers more openly used on TV. The exposure is a great way to let people know that there is an amazing alternative to smoking out there that they can take advantage of. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this in days to come!

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Top 4 Camping Vaporizers

Sometimes you just want to get out of the city and have a weekend away. Go outside, get some fresh air and connect with the world around you. This can occur regardless of the season. It can be hard for connoisseurs to take time away from their stationary units at home. Today, we are going to take a look at some portable vaporizers that will enhance your getaway experience. They can also help you to deal with the separation between you and your home unit. Let’s take a look at our top picks for camping vaporizers.

4 Best Camping Vaporizers

MFLB, Iolite V2, WISPR, and Vapman as the top 4 camping vaporizers

MFLB with wood draw stem is #4


The Magic Flight Launch Box is a stunning little vaporizer no bigger than a match box, making it ideal when it comes to portability and transportation. The ability to take draws from the unit native style means you don’t even have to carry the glass stem with you if you’re worried about it breaking in transit. To make sure it lasts all weekend, make sure you pack a few extra batteries and grab the car charger so you can have a constant supply of charged batteries. 

Iolite V2 is #3 on the list3) Iolite V2

The Iolite is a very simple to use portable vaporizer. It uses purified butane to power itself.  This means that you never have to worry about running out of battery power.  If you are running low on butane, you can quickly refill your unit and start vaporizing again in no time. The unit is also pretty sturdy and safe when in use.  You can also grab the optimizer accessory to improve the vapor quality.

WISPR is #2


The WISPR2 is a portable vaporizer that is ideal for your camping weekend in the woods.  The vapor quality is good and consistent. It has an eye catching design, so you never need to worry about losing it. You get one temperature choice and the unit is super simple to use. It is powered by purified butane, is easy to refill and takes 35 seconds to heat up.  You don’t have to worry about the purified butane affecting the taste of your vapor, nor do you have to worry about drawing in any with your vapor. Your camping trip will be improved when you have a vaporizer that works this well outside of the city.

The Vapman in a half open yellow case. 1) Vapman

The Vapman is a torch based portable unit that comes to us from Switzerland.  It is ideal for camping because it gives you ultimate control over your vaporizing experience. You apply the torch flame to the base of your heating chamber and get efficient production of vapor. In terms of fuel, you just need to make sure that your torch lighter has enough butane to last you the weekend. Because the torch has a smaller fuel cell than the Iolite units, we suggest bringing a canister of purified butane with you to assure your torch lasts the whole weekend. It is well made and gives your outstanding vapor. The materials are of top quality, including pear tree wood and gold. It really gives you that feeling of connecting with nature and the outdoors when vaporizing, making it ideal for camping.


With our top picks for camping vaporizers, you never have to worry about being without a vaporizer on your trip out of town. What is also great about these camping units is that you can still enjoy them on the go in your everyday routine after you get back from your weekend.  If you want to pick up the MFLB, Iolite, WISPR2 and Vapman, check out Torontovaporizer.ca. You can also pick up accessories to make sure you are well prepared for your camping trip.  If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below in the comment section. Thanks for reading and, as always, keep vapin’!

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